Patients Testimonials

In the summer 2019, I underwent a course for a chronic urological disease in a hospital. After the surgical intervention I was discharged on the third day. I returned home to Baku, and I feel great. Thanks to the doctors of the Urology Department. You are super!

Abbas Hussein-Farid-Ogly

Baku, Azerbaidjan

My warmest words of gratitude to the doctors, who helped me with the treatment of acute appendicitis. Also, I would like to thank the clinic' service team. Good conditions of stay, caring nurses! Best wishes to you!

Rudibert Golo


I would like to write this review after the successful deviated septum surgery that was performed at the V.M.Buyanov Mosc­ow City Clinical Hospital by Rozhdestvenskaya Olga Nikolaevna. Few days after the surgery I started breathing normally and could get good night sleep breathing through my nose. I couldn't do that for a long time before the surgery. I'd like to thank Rozhdestvensksya Olga and her team for doing such an amazing job. I also had pleasure to share my experience with the head of the hospital Salikov Aleksandr Viktorovich. He politely asked how the surgery went and was very welcoming towards me. Overall I had great experience at the V.M.Buyanov Mosc­ow City Clinical Hospital and highly recommend that place as the first choice for any medical treatments in Moscow.



I got into that clinic when my heart suddenly fell ill. It turned out that I needed an operation for stenting. I agreed, and the operation was done. I was very pleased, two years ago my problem disappeared.

Batyr Chikmenov


My personal experien­ce of receiving medi­cal care at  V.M.Buyanov Mosc­ow City Clinical Hospital has been one of immense satis­faction.
The professionalism of the doctors, I es­teem highly, and tho­se I received treatm­ent from communicated in English and, if language is an issu­e, there are transla­tors.
Moreover, all of the doctors were empath­etic, friendly, pers­onable and were meti­culous in their diag­noses. In addition, they were always pre­pared to answer tele­phone calls from me, to support me and resolve any issue or give re-assurance. This, to my mind is a highly valued way of communication.
The procedures they conducted was first class and friendly staff allowed me to relax undergoing scans etc. Again, the ra­pport with doctors, technicians was exce­llent and a diagnosis given after proced­ure.
All in all, my perso­nal experience of the highly professional staff, compels me to inform other pote­ntial patients who may be reluctant to visit a doctor, is to contact V.M.Buyanov Mosc­ow City Clinical Hos­pital and receive quality care from a truly pr­ofessional team

Colin Mackay

Teacher, Scotland

I work in Moscow, me and my family, we live in Russia. Once - about a year ago - my wife had gynecological problems, we turned to the Hospital after Buyanov, and here we quickly and qualitatively helped. Thank you!

Afar Rumeli


Thanks to the doctors of the Moscow City Clinical Hospital after V.M. Buyanov, I again could feel myself a full-fledged, healthy person, my problems with the spine remained in the past.

Robert Powell

Businessman, USA

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